Trick #18: Easily switch between OctoPrint profiles

Printoid PRO and PREMIUM can manage as many OctoPrint servers has you want.

Once you’ve added at least 2 OctoPrint profiles in the app, you will probably want to be able to switch between them.

Two solutions:

1/ Switch profile from the OctoPrint profiles panel

Open the OctoPrint profiles panel from the left menu.

Select your profile, then exit this screen (validate the changes).

Printoid will automatically reconnect to the newly selected profile.

2/ The fastest way to switch between profiles

The quick action to switch between profiles is disabled by default, because most of the users of the app are using it with only one profile.

But once you’ve more than one profile, this method is the fastest way to reconnect Printoid to another OctoPrint instance.

Open the app’s settings, and go to the “HMI” section (1) and enable the “OctoPrint profiles” quick setting (2) (see the screenshot bellow)


Warning: you can only enable up to 3 quick settings – or up to 4 quick settings if ever you have deactivated the “Show menu button” option (so you will have to drag the screen from the left edge to open the left menu)

Exit the settings and save the new configuration.

Then, simply click on the “OctoPrint profiles” icon on the top right of the screen (in the title bar) (3)


You now just have to select the required profiles in the floating dialog:


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